юристы адвокаты судебные споры

Disputes resolution for legal entities and naturals persons is one of ABY’s area. Ever since the foundation of ABY, its lawyers accumulated professional experience in providing the clients with legal support in commercial and general jurisdiction courts, as well as in pre-trial settlement of disputes. ABY’s lawyers defend the client (major energy, construction and financial companies) in commercial and general jurisdiction courts. Visit us at 16 Krasnaya Street, Krasnodar, or give us a call at +7 (861) 27 99 111

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ABY provides the following legal services to Russian and foreign clients:

юристы адвокаты судебные споры
Given successful experience in arbitration and litigation, our lawyers are known as high-level professionals. ABY always take places in domestic and global legal rankings and receive positive client’s reviews..

The clients come to us looking for legally and economically justified solutions to the most complex issues. Before undertaking the case, our lawyers carefully analyze it and provide our honest assessment of its prospects, with regard to the evidence provided and results of legal investigation.

юристы адвокаты судебные споры
Using their international experience, our lawyers are aiming for settling disputes in the client’s favour. It allows decreasing financial costs and time expenses on legal proceedings. Our lawyers also negotiate possibility of pre-court settling with the counterparty.

Our lawyers provide the clients with legal assistance in disputes with state institutions and are experienced in settling such types of disputes as: real estate, land, construction, oil-and-gas, energy, commerce, etc.

Why is it important to have professional legal representation in the court?

It is very well known that the judge likely decides in favour of the party, which has the most legally justified and well-reasoned claims and provides all evidence required. A person with zero legal experience and knowledge cannot choose correctly a plan of legal actions. Thus, it usually leads to huge mistakes and the judge dismissing the case. It is hard to appeal such court decision in the future. It is also impossible to bring the same claims to the court again.

The lawyers of ABY accumulated experience and succeeded in disputes resolution. We help the clients to avoid mistakes while choosing methods to protect violated rights, to collect the evidence required for a successful legal position and prepare a competent litigation strategy.

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