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ABY was founded on September 29, 1995, to provide comprehensive legal services for domestic and foreign companies on Russian law at a highly professional level. We maintain standards of the highest quality in contemporary legal practice, using both our international experience and knowledge of issues specific to our locality. Our lawyers are quick to respond to clients’ requests and distinguish themselves with their professional attentiveness, strict adherence to ethical norms and dynamic approach while representing clients’ interests. Furthermore, our lawyers demonstrate a full understanding of our clients’ needs and an acute awareness of the competitive environment in which our clients operate.

We specialize mainly in providing legal support to Russian and foreign investments, energy and complex litigation.

The ABY team consists of professional attorneys and lawyers, and recognized experts in different business industries in Russia, which is confirmed by global and Russian rating agencies Chambers Europe, Best Lawyers and Pravo.Ru-300. ABY’s highly professional results are founded on our individual approach and the value placed on our clients’ interests. Sectioning of practice areas and cooperation with the international legal community contribute to this as well. Some ABY lawyers are members of the International Bar Association. ABY lawyers provide services in Russian and English.

Among ABY’s clients are Russian and foreign companies, commercial and investment banks, global organizations, state and local authorities.

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Chambers Europe global ranking recommends Advocates Bureau Yug as a Band 1 company for:

  • Providing legal business support.

Chambers Europe ranks ABY Managing Partner Yuri Pustovit in Band 1 and senior associate Sergey Radchenko in Band 2 as leaders in these areas.

Chambers & Partners has been publishing their legal rankings, based on independent and unbiased research of the global legal market, for more than 20 years. There are over 100 employees in the rating agency who interview thousands of lawyers and their clients all over the world. Such meticulous analysis helps to determine leading global lawyers and law firms that correspond highly to criteria that clients value the most.

Best Lawyers global ranking of lawyers and law firms recommends ABY Managing Partner Yuri Pustovit in the following industries:

  • Energy and Natural Resources

Best Lawyers is the oldest global ranking of lawyers and law firms, is highly regarded among lawyers themselves and their clients. Best Lawyers is an American ranking. It published the first market survey 25 years ago in 1983. Nowadays the geography of the ranking covers more than 70 countries.

In contrast to most research based on clients’ feedback and analysis of projects provided by law firms, Best Lawyers values reputation the most. According to the lawyers themselves, reputation plays a key role in market success. The standards here differ significantly from the traditional ones: in the framework of market research, the lawyers are evaluated by their colleagues practicing in the same region and in the same branch of law. Lawyers who have already been included in the previous rankings of Best Lawyers and have established themselves are invited to speak about the level of colleagues.

Russian legal ranking recommends ABY in the following industries:

  • Arbitration;
  • Dispute resolution in courts of general jurisdiction.

The ranking aims to increase the transparency of the Russian legal services market. For several years it has served as a reference point for courts and clients through which they can assess the level and professionalism of legal advisers.

The ranking is a working tool, during the year it is actively used by corporate lawyers and representatives of corporate tender departments to search for and select contractors.

International audit company Deloitte has been the auditor of the rating for the fifth year in a row.

The ranking method is based on the evaluation of the project experience of law firms, as well as on clients’ feedback regarding the quality, level of service, and the ratio of cost to quality of legal services.

An independent Expert Council consisting of the heads of the legal departments of major Russian and international corporations has been established to improve the rating mechanisms.

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We believe it is our duty to encourage nonprofit activity of ABY lawyers to further the public good. Generally, pro bono is free-of-charge legal consultancy on civil, family, labor and real estate law. It also involves providing large discounts on basic rates for people and public entities experiencing financial difficulties and unable to pay full price for high-class legal services.

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ABY is a team of like-minded people with a common goal and who pay close attention to service quality and client satisfaction. We set the bar high for our lawyers. ABY’s most valuable asset is its employees. A solid team of determined professionals is the key element of a successful business.

We aim to create a better environment for new employees, where work and personal time are well distributed. Mutual respect and an individual approach are integral parts of ABY’s corporate culture.

You can send your resume via e-mail.


Thank you for your interest in ABY. Unfortunately, there are currently no vacancies available. Please follow the updates.

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Advocates Bureau Yug

350063, Krasnodar, Russia

16, Krasnaya St.,

tel.: +7 (861) 27 99 111

fax: +7 (861) 27 99 222

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