Юридическое сопровождение бизнеса. Юрист для бизнеса

ABY provide wide range of services, including legal support for business in Krasnodar, Sochi and Krasnodar region. The cost is high, but it shows the highest quality of our legal services in the Southern Russia. Our business lawyers are professionals and recognized experts, who provide highly competent and effective legal support for your business. Visit us at 16 Krasnaya Street in Krasnodar, or give us a call at +7 (861) 27 99 111

Do you need a business lawyers? We will help you to solve any legal issues: real estate transactions, bankruptcy, appointment of a new CEO, shares transfer, etc. Do not hesitate to get the best legal services from Advocates Bureau Yug. Contact us!

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Choose ABY’s legal services, and you will experience the following benefits:

1) Opportunity to get the full range of ABY’s legal services, as our lawyers high-skilled experts in law-enforcement and judicial practices;
2) We always keep in touch with our clients and quickly solve any legal problems;
3) We undertake all legal “troubles” connected to organization and save your time.

When providing legal support for business, the lawyers of ABY pay close attention to each client, regardless of your business size. It can be a small company with need to carry out expertise of contracts. Or it can be a large enterprise that requires a wide range of legal services.

Advocates Bureau Yug provide the following legal services for business:

1) drafting contracts and other legal documents related to business activity of a legal entity;

2) Claim management, drafting of internal documents related to establishing management accounting and company’s internal activities (local orders, employment contracts, agreements with employees, etc.);3) Осуществление правовой экспертизы и оценку рисков коммерческих проектов компании (торговые, производственные, строительные, инвестиционные, внешнеэкономические и т.п.);
3) Legal expertise and risk assessment of company's commercial projects (trade, manufacturing, construction, investment, foreign economic, etc.);5) Осуществление юридической экспертизы внутренних учредительных документов компании, проведение проверки документов на правильность оформления на право аренды или собственности на землю, здания и сооружения, а также прочее недвижимое или движимое имущество;
4) Protection and representation of company's interests in law-enforcement and administrative authorities on criminal and administrative cases, elaborating defense line, drafting recommendations, creating a strategy to ensure legal security of company's business projects, ensuring security against illegal acquisition and merge;
5) Legal expertise of internal constituent documents of the company, verifying satisfactory form of documents on lease, ownership to land, buildings and constructions and other real estate or movable property;
6) Legal expertise of constituent documents for compliance with the current legislation, interests of a company and its CEOs;
7) Legal support for business during tax audits in a company;
8) Other types of business legal support.

Юридическое сопровождение бизнеса. Юрист для бизнеса
Юридическое сопровождение бизнеса. Юрист для бизнеса

As following from current judicial practice, ABY’s legal support for business will be very effective for large companies. Our lawyers are experienced experts in law-enforcement and judicial practices and can find the best way to solve any complex problems. Advocates Bureau Yug has a long-term and successful experience in cooperation with large companies or groups of companies.

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