Due to many years of experience in solving fiscal disputes our tax practice specialists are able to represent the interests of our Clients in most effective way not only in the course of current tax consultancy but in tax arbitration and pretrial settlement of disputes as well.
In the course of disputable cases (contentious disputes) settlement as a rule there is both an assessor and a lawyer are carrying out the inspection on the pair of the tax body. They represent the interests of the tax authority both at pretrial stage and in the context of judicial disputes. The representation of tax payers’ interests is executed by specialists of ABY tax practice according to the same scheme: the lawyer and the accountant. Such a scheme implies a thorough analysis of the dispute and the search of the optimal solution both from legal and economic perspectives.

ABY expertise (professionalism) in the field of tax practice is guaranteed by the attraction of new specialists possessing experience of working for the tax authorities. Our lawyers offer a wide range of tax practice products, such as:

• monitoring of tax inspections (office and field ones), including correspondence with tax authorities (submission of responses and comments in regard to submission of documents required by tax authorities); control over the execution of inspection procedures by tax authorities; drawing up of objections in relation to the incidents of inspection;
• representation of taxpayers’ interests upon examining the results of inspections (participation in it) preparation of complaints to superior bodies with regard to conclusions reached by tax authorities in the course of office or field tax inspection;
• protection of taxpaying companies in courts at all levels, including the Russian Federation Supreme and Supreme Arbitration Courts;
• estimation of tax consequences for executed and coming transactions;
• identification of tax risks and overpayments;
• consulting on taxation of  income of individuals as well as of foreign specialists;
• administration of international tax agreements;
• analytical reviews of  judicial and arbitral practices regarding tax disputes;
• consultancy on the subject of taxation, including comprehensive development of the optimal structure of tax assessment and accounting for the Client’s company from a economic and legal perspectives;
• analysis of specific features pertaining to taxation of economical transactions.