Labor and Foreign Employees

ABY has accumulated a great amount of experience in the sector of labour and migration law, cooperation with migratory  and other bodies. ABY’s “Labour law, Labour migration” practice consists of the following services:

• assistance with the attraction of secondmentagreement employees;
• consultancy regarding trade unions and collective agreements. Consultancy for clients (both Russian and multinational companies) on various legal matters and on issues of compliance with legislative norms which may influence their activities, suggesting of solutions for the safeguarding of a Client’s business interests and reduction of the risks;
• settlement of individual and collective labour disputes and conducting of negotiations;
• representation of the Client’s interests in the course of revisions carried out by the State Labour Inspection;
• assistance in obtaining the full package of approval documents for the recruitment of foreign workers arriving with or without a visa;
• organization and monitoring of any other visits of foreign citizens to the Russian Federation;
• ensuring compliance of Client activity with the requirements of migration law in the sector of labour migration,
• representing the Client’s interests in case proceedings concerning administrative violations in the sector of migration law.