Commercial Practice

ABY commercial practice products include:
• legal expertise in agreements, disputes, controversial situations; consultation for the legal and financial departments of the Client-company;
• identification and review of the commercial risks attached to the launching of a project and the undertaking of practical measures to minimise such risks;
• preparation and realization of projects for the securitization of arrears;
• legal assistance to companies engaged in bidding for government orders;
• analysis of agreements’ compliance with antitrust legislation;
• legal opinion regarding civil, business and commercial law;
• legal assistance with project financing, including the drafting of credit agreements, financing contracts (secured or not) in various business sectors, consultation on procuring of project financing;
• development and harmonization of contracts on international goods delivery, distribution agreements, franchising, contracts on rendering of services , as well as other business agreements;
• representation of the Client’s interests in commercial negotiations;
• claim activity.