In light of the present economic situation it is reasonable to assign the field of bankruptcy a separate practice. ABY consultants have successfully realized an impressive number of projects, representing the interests of creditors as well as indebted companies. ABY practices bankruptcy in the following spheres:

• development of the optimal mechanism of implementing company‘s insolvency procedures;
• analyzing of financial situation of the company with pending bankruptcy, withdrawal (ways of recovery) or a change in circumstances (adjustment of situation);
• development and realization of the project of company’s external administration and its financial rehabilitation;
• representation of the interests of proprietors, creditors and bankruptcy commissioners during the execution of  insolvency procedures;
• legal assistance in criminal cases of premeditated or fictitious bankruptcy and illegal activity in the course of pending bankruptcy;
• imposition of subsidiary liability on proprietor and directors of the insolvent company, challenging of transactions, including queer transactions for withdrawal of an indebted company’s assets.