ABY Litigation practice is an essential element of ABY work and we regularly take part in crucial for the region court proceedings. The experience of ABY specialists allows regulation of the disputes as soon as at the preparatory stage of the lawsuit and in the course of extrajudicial procedures (pre-trial procedures). The success of our Arbitral practice is made
possible by the experience of our processprofessionals who offer the following list of services:

• consulting on conclusion of arbitral agreements;
• representation of the Client’s interests in arbitration proceedings irrespective of the trial (dispute) location;
• undertaking of safeguarding measures;
• settlement of disputes on validation and carrying into effect of arbitral decisions;
• pre-trial legal opinion on legal prospects of the case;
• assistance at arbitral litigations with the prospect of further proceedings with higher authorities, representation of Client’s interests during proceedings at all stages;
• assistance in litigations on antimonopoly regulation, licensing, advertising regulation, technology and trade regulation,  operation of dangerous industrial objects;
• protection in proceedings of cases on administrative violations;
• protection of consumers’ rights and protection of business activity from consumers’ false claims;
• conducting of cases on intellectual property rights violation