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07.12.2017 Released Results of the Annual Legal Ratings 2017 made the eighth and the most large-scale rating over its history. Number of participants increased by over 20%, and index of projects, submitted for approval by law firms, went up over 30%, compared to the previous year.

Corporate lawyers and heads of legal departments from Russian and international companies represented expert team of the Ratings, alongside with clients of law services, who were well acquainted with job of legal counselors and had prior work experience with law firms.

According to the Ratings results, Advocates Bureau Yug, became one of the leading local law firms in the following areas:

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Managing Partner of Advocates Bureau Yug was Awarded by Among Other Leaders of the Legal Ranking

On December 6th, 2018, Moscow Ritz Carlton Hotel held a Legal Awards Ceremony, similar to the Oscars. The legal ranking of the web-portal is infamous for being the most reliable source in Russia that deals with researching legal services in the country. Over the years of its existence, Ranking had improved its approaches and methods of research, set up its own expert council consisting of legal departments heads of major Russian and global enterprises. Furthermore, nowadays accounting organization Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited develops and monitors Ranking results.


Yuri Pustovit took part in the round table of Federal Counsil of Russia

Yuri Pustovit, Managing partner of Advocates Bureau Yug, participated in the round table discussion of the Council of the Federation Committee on Constitutional Legislation on improvement of contemporary mechanisms of the forensic experts activity in Russia.